Expsyder – electronic music for listening¬† to. You can dance if you want, but it’s all about listening……

I’m searching for new sounds, but also eclectic. Complex, glitchy, sometimes hard, sometimes a bit experimental and then sometimes rich in harmony.

Pronounced “ex-sider”.


Yes, Expsyder is made by real people. The main person behind Expsyder is Chris Spooner. In terms of the music industry, he is an old man, but his music is far from being aged.  Chris was born in 1972 and grew up in Newcastle Australia. He has lived in Newtown Sydney for the past 20 years.

Started producing music as a teenager using an old 4 track recorder. Got interested in electronic music in the late 80s, with favourites Severed Heads and Skinny Puppy.  I really like various contemporary forms of electronic music.

For the past 4 years Expsyder has been producing unique electronic sounds. He has collaborated with Mira T, doing female vocals on many tracks.